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Opera Hack

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 22 March 2006 18:06

Hawk Shango wrote:
> The problem is: on this page: 
> in the left side panel the image has a gap between it and the div 
> when viewed in Opera. For IE, in its own CSS, I set the image display
>  to block and it works. The gap is gone but in Opera with its own
> CSS, the gap still remains. I am viewing the page with the latest
> Opera verson.

I see. Yes, Opera 8+ has a problem here. Opera 9 (still only in preview)
doesn't have that problem. I stopped "fixing" Opera 8+ some 11 months
ago, at about the time the first 8-version arrived. It isn't worth it -
too many regressions.

It is also pretty hard (nearly impossible) to hack back and forth
between browser-versions in a reliable way. Such hacks tend to break
sooner rather than later, and should be avoided.

I will advise a fix though - for all browsers.
- A bit from the lowest part of that image should be made to repeat down
the left side of #innerwrapper - a faux-column.
The reason is that the gap reappears in all browsers I can lay my hands
on (including IE) when the font-size is blown up to a readable size -
for me. Such a self-resizable faux-column will cover up the gap, almost
regardless of browsers and user-options.

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