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Site check: 30+ sites now live...

Sent by Nick Fitzsimons on 22 March 2006 16:04

Hi all,

My current project is drawing to a close, and my client has taken the 34
(I think, haven't counted recently) sites live. An inspection by the
respected denizens of the list would be appreciated.

You can pick a site from the map at:


but be warned, that will set a cookie to always redirect you from that URL
to the site you chose; either reject the cookie, or delete it after
visiting if you want to start from the map again.

Alternatively just have a look at one of the main sites at


If you can point out any major snafus, I'd be grateful - I'm out of here
on Friday for a well-earned break, and it would be nice to have things
nicely settled by then.

Warning: there's Flash on there. Also, we're not aiming to support IE
below 5.5/Win (based on our ongoing browser stats for the old sites), or
at all on Mac - although last time I checked there was only one real
problem on IE/Mac. (That was a while ago though.) Safari should be OK,
although I'll have to wait until I get home at the weekend to properly
debug any problems there.


Nick Fitzsimons

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