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Opera Hack

Sent by Hawk Shango on 22 March 2006 16:04

The problem is: on this page: in the left side panel the
image has a gap between it and the div when viewed in Opera. For IE, in its own CSS, I set the image
display to block and it works. The gap is gone but in Opera with its own CSS, the gap still remains.
I am viewing the page with the latest Opera verson.  

That's the problem.


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>Date: Wed Mar 22 09:45:18 CST 2006
>Cc: 'CSS Discussion' [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
>Subject: Re: [css-d] Opera Hack

>Fran wrote:
>> I have been reading with great interest about the image gap problem 
>> with IE. Does anybody have a resource for CSS hack for the same 
>> problem with Opera of any version?
>Sorry... short memory-span here. What was the problem and why would you
>need to hack Opera to fix it?
>Other than that...
>...might be worth a look - especially the comments at the bottom.
>	Georg
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