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Body background image not displaying properly... in IE :-(

Sent by Anthony L on 22 March 2006 13:01

Hi all,

I have a background image that should provide a nice yellow (well,
nice is realtive ;-)) ) color behind a floated div which uses % for
it's width.

In Firefox and Safari, the image cascades down the page providing the
expected background for the #secondaryContent div.

In Windows IE6 however, the yellow background only displays properly
once the page is reloaded or (oddly) when one of the secondary nav
links, such as "item one", is moused over.

Here is the link to the offending page:

One other thing: the image displays properly when clicking the first 2
tabs: Bestyrelsen and Om huset. Maybe this is because the image is
already loaded into the cache?

Thanks in advance for any help...

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