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Centering main body in all window sizes

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 22 March 2006 12:12

Lee Sommerville wrote:
> Could anyone please take the time to look at
> please.
> I want the main body of the site to be totally central
> no matter what size the vierwers window is - at the
> moment its stays central but far too near the top - i
> want it completely central on all sides at all times?
Possible, but difficult-- and not user friendly. To stay centered 
vertically at 800 the height needs to be around 380px or less. Centering 
vertically, at any screen resolution, is dependent on user top and 
bottom window chrome. The height of the window varies wildly on my 
browsers. Compensating for probable font zoom is really tough(zoom the 
fonts on your current layout). Mostly one is better off taking advantage 
of the vertical fluidity of the Web, and the vertical canvas, by /not/ 
restricting height.

That being said, this is one method for centering vertically and 
horizontally: <>.



Typography exists to honor content. 
--Robert Bringhurst

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