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Don't be ­

Sent by francky on 22 March 2006 00:12

Mark Johnson wrote:

>I have a question about hyphenation. There's a lot on the Web about
>non-breaking hyphenation. I want to be able to get line breaks only at
>existing hyphens in words.
>I work on a large biomedical database that regularly has long chemical names
>If the text has just that name, Explorer, Safari, and Opera 9 line break
>the line at hyphens, but Mozilla
>doesn't. If I put ­ after each -, Mozilla *still* doesn't
>line break it, and IE adds an additional hyphen (as it probably should), so
>you get things like 6--
>dihydro, etc.
>Plus, Mozilla ignores ­. So ­ isn't useful for this.
>I do have a solution of sorts. Put <span class="sh"> </span> after
>each hyphen in the line, and then define
> {
>color: transparent;
>font-size: 0px;
>With this approach, everything breaks fine everywhere. This technique
>might also be used to get URLs to line break. But it's... icky.
>Plus, I'll probably end up doing it in JS for technical reasons.
>I can find no -moz- rule that helps with this.
>Does anyone have a non-icky solution for this?
Hi Mark,
An icy problem. To figure out what is happening, I made myself a 
testpage with your options and some more.
I see that your solution is good working in FF indeed , but not yet in 
IE and Opera (anyway, more I didn't test). Some small changes can help 
that, I experimented. [1] And I think you can miss the / class="sh" / in 
each separate span, if you put a general class in the containing box; 
and then .container span { ... }. With 5000 formula's it will save work 
& bandwidth! ;-) .
A beautiful solution I found at w3c, should be the Unicode 'zero width 
space' entity. - But for some reason I don't know, is seems to be 
history. - When I tested, it is working in FF at this moment though. Not 
in IE and Opera, but if you'll add the FF hyphen-construction by 
javascript, you can probably filter the others.
See testpage 
and source code.

Being not an expert, that's all I can suggest. [2]
Greetings and good luck!

[1] I tried also Netscape 6.2.1: the "hyphenbox 5" in the testpage is 
performing good, #6 has the gaps as in IE. - And the Gecko machine of 
Mozilla 1.7.1 is like FF: #5 and #6 both o.k.
[2] Or maybe a server-side script instead of javascript?

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