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Sent by ~davidLaakso on 21 March 2006 16:04

Ionize wrote:
> Now please note that this is my first website and is still a work in
> progress. I have never built a full site before let alone used css, but
> after getting stuck in I have to say css is the dogs wobbly bits heehee or
> in english its bloody great.
> Dave
What follows are personal opinions.
The fonts are too small and frozen in IE.
The content is pleading for a *readable* serif.
@1280 before:
@1280 after:
Allow her to function without overlap, with and without zoom.
Set strong in the css and assign #FFF to it.
Delete the <br />'s and use <p>paragraph</p>
Use css shorthand.
Gain notoriety, fame, and possibly fortune by being the first person on 
the Web not to use black as the background-color for a game site.
Seriously, you are doing well.

PS 22 win/2000 and mac screen captures:


Typography exists to honor content. 
--Robert Bringhurst

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