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1px vertical offset in IE5/5.5

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 21 March 2006 13:01

Ben Tisdall wrote:
> I would be grateful if the wise heads here could explain the problem 
> I'm experiencing displaying the following site in IE5/5.5:
> IE 5/5.5 Screenshot:

The cause is box-model differences in 'quirks mode' vs.
'standard-compliant mode', and it is not an "offset".

The header is slightly taller in the 'standard-compliant' browsers,
compared to IE5/5.5 which can only calculate and render in 'quirks
mode'. Add 2px in header-height for those old browsers - the same as the
width of 2 times the 1px border-width - and it'll come out right.

> Site's displaying as intended in FF Win/Mac/Linux, IE6, Opera 8 & 
> Safari.
> I'm fairly new to the joys of CSS so please also feel free to 
> critique any and all aspects of what I daresay is some ghastly code!

Well, since you wrote that... :-)

....I'd like to draw your attention towards the weakness of "fixed-sized
fonts(px) combined with a fixed-sized and absolute positioned layout"...
<> that combination has never worked well - and never will - in any

Most of your layout/CSS looks like it is based on solutions that are
pretty outdated by now - like the voice-family hack. Not that what
you've got doesn't work - more or less - with the mentioned limitations,
but it leads into the past and is not a good base for future web design.

Advice: keep the basics of the HTML you've got now, but restyle it.
Take out all 'position: absolute' and 'hacks' and try to design it with
expansion and flexibility in mind.
The following should give you a few good ideas...
....and add to the joys of CSS

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