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accessible rounded tab menu - recommendations

Sent by francky on 21 March 2006 02:02

Virtuallee wrote:

>Can someone recommend an accessible /rounded tab menu/ (not drop down)? 
>There are so many out there with varying degrees of 'downsides'. Has 
>someone used one that's worked well?
Hi Lee-Ann,
I think it depends on what you want with the tabs: is it you need a 
fixed width, or do you want the tabs staying in 1 line, also when 
enlarging the font-size in the browser? - Then probably you can use (not 
too small) hoverable images with the link text painted in.
Is it you need completely scalable tabs (going on in the next line, if 
they are too big to fit in 1 line)? Then you can make a css-styled 
text-button with background-images.
So perhaps you can specify a bit? Or can you post a link to a (test) 
page that is illustrating what you want (or just not)?


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