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Keeping a background gradient aligned with text expansion

Sent by David Pratt on 21 March 2006 02:02

Hi there. Can anyone provide any hints on keeping a background gradient 
aligned as text size is expanded. Let's say I have a global menu with a 
top to bottom gradient that is lighter at the center and darker at the 
edges and start with 80% font size.

I want to enlarge the text by some % but I want the shape of the 
gradient to stay pretty much as it was at original text size so it does 
not alter the illusion of the shape. First I am guessing this would 
likely work better with png image than jpg. I have not been using png up 
to this point.  I am thinking the idea might be to have an image of a 
good height but I am thinking you would would give it a vertical 
position that would start it off positioned at about 50% of the height. 
In any case, advice would be appreciated.
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