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Moved down a line?

Sent by Cole Tuininga on 20 March 2006 22:10

Ok - I'm pretty sure I'm doing something boneheaded, but I can't seem
to figure out how.

The page in question:

The effect is supposed to be somewhat akin to a terminal.  At the
moment I'm playing with the title bar.  If you notice, the text comes
up aligned correctly (at least on Firefox - I haven't tried this on
anything else yet).  But for some reason the little logo is being
shifted down a line and I can't seem to figure out why?

I threw a green border around each item just to make the elements
easier to distinguish.

The css ( is a little
disorganized at the moment - I plan on cleaning it up when I'm done

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance...

Cole Tuininga
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