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two background images in h1

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 20 March 2006 17:05

>>> <>
>> I've included a slight improvement in the styles above, by adding a
>>  padding-top on h1. It'll always be a compromise though, since I 
>> didn't want to change the source-code or the background image.
> I'm curious.. as to your last sentence.. I don't understand what you 
> mean by "compromise".

Give that page a few [+]steps font-resizing in Firefox. You'll see that
the headline-text is growing downwards - even before splitting into two
lines. Ideally (from my point of view), a better alignment may be
achieved by using font-size related margins *and* paddings on h1.
However, that would make the two background images get out of alignment
with each other if/when font-resizing is applied, and a slightly
different strategy would be needed for the whole header for it to work
and look right.

I like to make alignments 'self-adjust' with font-resizing whenever
possible, but thought it might complicate things a bit too much this
time, and settled for simple element-growth and static positioning.
So, using a fixed padding-top is "a compromise" - a short-cut -
but not really a bad one, IMO :-)

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