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Including List Bullets Inside Links

Sent by Les Mizzell on 20 March 2006 16:04

I'm using an image for bullets on a list of links.
Client want you to be able to click the bullet as well as the link.

Short of setting the list with no bullets and including the image like:

<li><img src="mybulet.gif"><a href="1xox.htm">Link Text 1 Here</a></li>
<li><img src="mybulet.gif"><a href="2xox.htm">Link Text 2 Here</a></li>

....which is pretty nasty....

I can do this and include the image bullet in my CSS:

<a href="1xox.htm"><li>Link Text 1 Here</li</a>
<a href="2xox.htm"><li>Link Text 2 Here</li</a>

....which I'm 100% sure *ain't* legal, but does work.

Other suggestions?
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