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Float jumping horizontally in IE on click-drag

Sent by Eric Shepherd on 20 March 2006 16:04

The page is here: http://fpdev/fp.aspx?st=2182&e=product&pid=34783

This site just went live. The bug isn't activated on hover, it happens
when you click-drag the links without following them. Only in IE, of

To see the bug: Alternatively click-drag the logo in the top left
corner and the "where to buy" link in the copy area. The image area
float moves back to it's non-negative-margin position. It jumps back
where it belongs with another hover or click (usually) anywhere. It's
actually kinda fun, but the client doesn't really think so.

I've used a similar technique on other sites without it breaking; I
think I need a fresh set of eyes to see what I'm missing here.

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