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More SOS issues

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 19 March 2006 02:02

Iorhael wrote:
> ... However, the submenus are showing up *under* the container in IE
>  despite the fact that #menu ul ul is set to a z-index of 500. I just
>  read Francky's reply to Connor on this issue from earlier today but
>  couldn't relate it directly to my code....

Oh, you're just setting the z-index on the wrong element. Try adding...

#menu-container {z-index: 1;} get the actual container layered higher in IE. That'll get all
elements inside it up to the right level too.

Note that adding extremely high z-index values generally has no effect
on browsers. Such a value just has to be /high enough/. IE/win is
seriously broken on this point too, so 'default', or values that satisfy
other browsers, /may not/ be enough in all cases - like this one.

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