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z-index problem

Sent by francky on 19 March 2006 00:12

Connor Boyack wrote:

>     It seems in this way also the peekaboo doesn't appear (I turned
>     the link
>     to the ie-styles off, nothing turns wrong). :-)
> Hoorah!  Thanks Francky, that fixed it.  I really appreciate the 
> prompt reply!
> Connor
Hi Connor and all,
After this post, Connor discovered there was still an IE- Peekaboo in my 
It appears when the page is scrolled down a bit, then hovering over the 
menu causes the menu to jump in the air.
I studied some about fixing the Peekaboo 
It has to do with the surrounding box. In this case: the #wrap is the 
containing box of the navbar-ul.
Commented out the #wrap > no Peekaboo! Analysis perfect - now solving... 
First attempt with the Holly Hack succeeded [1]: giving a height of 1% 
to the #wrap.
So: new testpage 
IE-stylesheet for this: still not needed. [2]

Cheers and greetings,

[1] Now carefully: anyway for IE6 under Win98SE. - Maybe still problems 
in IEmac or so?
[2] Apart from this: for the position of the submenu an IE-only 
correction of 2px to the left is needed (see testpage).
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