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Client Says Div Dropping, but I don't see it???

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 19 March 2006 00:12

TMH Design wrote:
> If you go to this page -
> om/index.php
> <
> om/index.php>   you will see a three column layout with a header. My client
> says the content of the center div drops down the page a bit and is not
> plush with the top green bar. When I look at it on my IE and FF I don't see
> the issue. I imagine it is a float or clearing issue but I can't see it to
> fix it. Can you see it?
Please see the 14 screen captures:
A trivial aside: I am at 1280. To bring the left column links up to a 
comfortable reading level(for me), breaks the h-navigation. I saw no 
float drop at 1280 in debian firefox, opera, or seamonkey. I did not 
check the page at 1024 or 800.
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