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More SOS issues

Sent by Connor Boyack on 19 March 2006 00:12

> And using menu {line-height: 0) did the trick for the IE problem. However,
> the submenus are showing up *under* the container in IE despite the fact
> that #menu ul ul is set to a z-index of 500. I just read Francky's reply
> to
> Connor on this issue from earlier today but couldn't relate it directly to
> my code....

My main problem with the menus showing up underneath was the
position:relative I was applying to the menu's container.  Francky removed
that container and did a workaround to get it to still work.  However, my
fix isn't complete - it's now suffering from the IE peakaboo, which I have
yet to find a solid fix for - in IE it shows up okay at first but if you
scroll down a tad and then mouseover the menu, it'll jump up to the top -

Connor.likesIE() != true;

Connor Boyack
WebVid Productions
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