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variations with firefox onwindows PC vs Linux

Sent by Felix Miata on 18 March 2006 23:11

On 06/03/18 09:50 [EMAIL-REMOVED] apparently typed:

> Has anyone else noticed variations in margin height between Firefox 
> on a Windows PC vs Linux?

> I can't point you to the example yet, but I'm finding that if I set the 
> margin-top with a negative margin and get it to line up correctly on the 
> Linux PC in em's, that it will be about .5em too high in the windows PC.

I can't picture what you're trying to line up to what with a negative
top margin. How about provding some testcase?

Also, if you see something peculiar with Linux, make sure to test with
both a build and your distro's build of Firefox. Linux
distros occasionally introduce their own bugs with options that deviate
from standard ones from generic builds.
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