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More SOS issues

Sent by francky on 18 March 2006 22:10

Iorhael wrote:

>I am now setting up the CSS code for a horizontal SOS menu display but am having trouble getting
the submenus to display on hover. 
>Also, in IE, the menu is stretched vertically. Would this be due to the size of my background
image? Its only 10 pixels in height.
Hi Debbie,
A background image is only viewed through the view port and doesn't 
influence the height of the view port itself (the #menu div). If the 
background-img is "too small" for the viewport, it will repeat (unless 
you ordered 'no-repeat'). If a bg-img is "to large" (in width and/or 
height), it is cut off by the view port. [1]
So the bg-img cannot be a problem.

In my IE6 under Win98 the menu is as horizontal as in FF, and (also as 
FF) having no changes when hovering. - But I see line 16:
<img src="images/vb_banner_h.jpg" width="800 height="100 border="0" 
alt="banner" />
does not validate in the html-validator because of the omitted "" typo's.
Does that help?


[1] For more about background-positioning: see The Port-hole Theory 

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