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z-index problem

Sent by francky on 18 March 2006 21:09

Connor Boyack wrote:

>>Francky wrote:
>>I was experimenting somewhat with your covered IE-submenu, but now the
>>link doesn't work anymore.
>My apologies!  I was just now installing a new wireless router.  The site is
>now working again :)
Hi Connor:
I've seen, you was quickly back. - Now the z-index problem: the covered 
submenu in IE.
You wrote:

    * The pI am having is that in IE, the menus appear below the content
      below. You'll see this especially when you hover your mouse over
      the lasttwo menu items, you'll see the menu appear below the
      right-hand column.I've tried playing with z-index's but have been
      unsuccessful in getting this to work.

Bug-hunting I found that the #navbar is the culprit: when commented out 
with '#xnavbar' in the html, the submenu is above (but then the left 
side of the navbar is white instead of blue). I don't know why, but if 
you separate the #navbar and the ul of the items, it is going better.
See testpage 
(still working in not-IE)
It seems in this way also the peekaboo doesn't appear (I turned the link 
to the ie-styles off, nothing turns wrong). :-)

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