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Problem with CSS Navigation in IE

Sent by Ulrich Wiederhold on 18 March 2006 20:08


* francky [EMAIL-REMOVED]> [060318 05:23]:

> Then we see that IE is not displaying the block-character of the menu-1 
> item (only the word "menu 1" is hoverable, not the whole line as in the 
> other items), probably because the strange table inside.
> But by giving the menu-item a background, the line is coming back, and 
> submenu can be clicked. (Perhaps you can forget all the z-indexes now; 
> didn't try).

That's it. If I use a background it works in IE. 
A transparent background is enough, needn't be an image.
And I still need the z-indeces, but with cond.comm it validates. :)

Thanks for all

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