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[Fwd: Re: Re: First timer here but not to CSS - ten]

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 18 March 2006 10:10

Hawk Shango wrote:
>>>> This
>>>> is the base stylesheet. IE specific stylesheet is located in the same
>>>> folder/directory but is called IE.css
>>>> Problem is when the page is viewed in Firefox and Opera, it looks
>>>> fine but when it's viewed in IE, the center div is pushed down.
>>>> There's a huge space between the header and the center div. I can not
>>>> find out where in the CSS both the basic stylesheet or the IE
>>>> specific stylesheet where I messed up.
Me either. Unless it is that IE is getting mixed messages from the 
method you've used to set the flash block, causing a width and float 
drop problem? Can't help there. Using a content first in source order 
layout <>, with an image is not 
problematic in IE(at least I don't think so). Perhaps someone else on 
the list can shed some light on this for both of us...

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