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Problem with CSS Navigation in IE

Sent by francky on 18 March 2006 04:04

Ulrich Wiederhold wrote:

>I have a testside online at:
>My problem is the navigation. In Mozilla, if the submenu opens, it is in
>front of the basic-menus. (I use z-index for this)
>In IE the basic-menu is in front. Why?
>How can I change this?
>Thanks for your help.
Hi Uli,
Because I didn't see clearly what all the IE-stuff was doing, I first 
made an IE-only version by deleting all the conditional comments from 
the html (and the "hide" classes).
That is giving this testpage 
I notice you are avoiding a (Suckerfish) javascript for the menu/submenu 
hovering in IE by applicating the "fake link trick" (hoverable 
bookmark-link with list-items inside) - which is not valid html. - But 
because the conditional comments around the IE-code, the validator 
doesn't see this, so "nobody knows". ;-)

Then we see that IE is not displaying the block-character of the menu-1 
item (only the word "menu 1" is hoverable, not the whole line as in the 
other items), probably because the strange table inside.
But by giving the menu-item a background, the line is coming back, and 
submenu can be clicked. (Perhaps you can forget all the z-indexes now; 
didn't try).
See second testpage 

I think it must be a sort of "hasNoLayout"/"hasLayout" reason; see Ingo 
Chao's: On having Layout 

btw: you are mixing up the css and the ie-hacks in an almost 1:1 
relation; and using as well a lot of (css-pointed) conditional comments 
in the html. Shouldn't it be easier to split it up in a normal 
stylesheet plus an IE-only stylesheet (called by a cond.comm. in the head)?


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