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IE drop float problem that fixes on page refresh

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 18 March 2006 03:03

> Looks great in FF, but some users get a dropped float the first time 
> they visit the site in IE 6. Real tricky one for me since during 
> development I never see the problem, and I can't duplicate the 
> problem even after clearing the cache in IE.
> One of the sites that does it (apparently) is: 

All browsers are in quirks mode, as no DTD is recognized where it is
now. That's the result of the broken source-code mentioned by Ron.

The entire fixed-width page is quite a bit narrower in IE6 than in other
browsers, so the #HomeFlash div doesn't fit - causing the drop.

You may try to keep it working by adding...

#HomeFlash {margin-right: -50px;}

....but you should really fix that source-code so decent browsers at
least stand a chance, and don't have to work overtime trying to recover
your page from total disaster.

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