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Make IE respect margin-left:20px!

Sent by Burleigh, Frank on 18 March 2006 02:02

Hi, list.

I'm touching up our "look" and, while doing that, taking the time to
clean our CSS.  I'm testing against NS 7.x; contemporary Gecko on
Wintel, Mac and Linux; Mac/ID5.2; and checking Safari, too.  Unless
everything's fallen to pieces over the last eight hours, everybody in
that list is ok.  Except... (wait for it):


On this middle level page:
With CSS here

The left-floated div containing an image of our Bulletin document's
cover is about 20 pixels too far to the right in IE.  I've tried:

- moving local style from the <div> to an id (because the mouseover DOM
inspector showed the style as "null")
- removing the right navigation material (maybe IE's wrapping from right
to left? ;-)
- using no CSS except that defined in the html document itself (seemed
extreme so fun)
- moving the <div> down (looking for some coding error)

It really wants to be 20px too far to the right.  I'm wondering if
perhaps IE believes this float is contained in one of the surrounding
<p>?  When I put the <div> inside a <p> it did not move further right.
But maybe there is overlapping pad and margin--something like that.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

Frank Burleigh
Indiana University School of Law
[EMAIL-REMOVED] 812-855-9170

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