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IE drop float problem that fixes on page refresh

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 17 March 2006 21:09

Dan wrote:

> I have done a few layout recently that have this problem:
> Looks great in FF, but some users get a dropped float the 
> first time they visit
> the site in IE 6. Real tricky one for me since during 
> development I never see
> the problem, and I can't duplicate the problem even after 
> clearing the cache in
> IE.
> One of the sites that does it (apparently) is: 

<snippity snip>


Only looked at the activetoy site, but a few things I noticed
immediately is that your page does not validate. You have some
Javascript at the top above the DTD. You need to fix that, among other

As for the float drop, my best first guess is that it is related to that
bulleted list in your main content. Fiddling with the margin/padding for
that list may be the solution.

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