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IE drop float problem that fixes on page refresh

Sent by Dan on 17 March 2006 21:09

I have done a few layout recently that have this problem:

Looks great in FF, but some users get a dropped float the first time they visit
the site in IE 6. Real tricky one for me since during development I never see
the problem, and I can't duplicate the problem even after clearing the cache in

One of the sites that does it (apparently) is:

Another one that does it, not public facing at the moment is at:
username:bp,password:pr0b4b1y (that's zeros for Ohs, and one's for L's)

I'm using a fixed width container for the whole site with 2 left floated divs
for columns inside an inner conatiner with a "clearfix" on.

I've heard that the proprietary IE {zoom:1;} can solve this, but that doesn't
vaildate - is there something really stupid I'm doing?

I'd appreciate any help on this.



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