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Sent by ~davidLaakso on 17 March 2006 19:07

Stephanie Chausse wrote:
> I'd appreciate any comments about the following site--there's only one
> working link--Locations and Hours under About--
> thank you and a special thanks to francky from webdesign-l who helped me
> work out a number of issues--Stephanie
I think it is coming along well, Stephanie.
No problem, I suppose, on your personal site, but I'd avoid setting the 
content-text 20% smaller than your users default font setting for a 
*public library* site.
/*p { font-size: 80%; }*/
..content p{ /*font-size: 80%;*/ margin: 10px; /* line-height: 140%;*/ }
There is short page shift going to and from the working link @1280.
This article /may/ 
Tidy Online will help clear the markup warnings prior to running the w3c 
markup validation service.
Would a very pale blue work any better than the pale yellow background 
You'll find 22 captures here:
Looking good on a quick glance. There may be a mac/ie5.2 issue(isn't 
there always?)
Nice job.
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