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Sent by Peter Hyde-smith on 17 March 2006 18:06

---- Stephanie Chausse [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote: 
> I'd appreciate any comments about the following site--there's only one
> working link--Locations and Hours under About--
> thank you and a special thanks to francky from webdesign-l who helped me
> work out a number of issues--Stephanie


I wish my code looked this clean. Works very well under FF1.0.7, O8.51, and IE6.0 using Win2K. No
problems with resizing, up or down. May want to consider alt text for the body images. Also, if this
is the HOME page, you'll probably want to kill the self-link in the left nav column. Colors work
very well for me, easy on my eyes. My personal preference only, I don't care for pinning the central
content to the top of the view port, especially if the contrast between the column border and page
is high.

Good work, and Cheers,

Peter /
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