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Toggle z-index on image via CSS/js?

Sent by Michel Bozgounov on 17 March 2006 13:01

I already thanked Chris off-list:)

The example he shows is *exactly* what I needed in this case, it's simple to 
implement and functional.

My task would be only to adapt it to my case.

Thanks a lot! :))


Christian Heilmann wrote:
>> OK, I've searched a lot, but couldn't find anything simple enough and useful
>> enough at the same time.
> I discussed this off-list with Michael and came up with a quick JS
> solution that is fully style-able:
> I don't consider it good practice to embed both the small and the
> large photo in the list, as it forces visitors to download photos they
> may not want to load at all.
> Hope that is helpful,
> Chris

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