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Em fonts, Large in some people's IE??

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 17 March 2006 07:07

Jade True wrote:
> OK, this is the second time I've come across this.
> I've been trying to use the em method of size font instead of px's. I  
> set the p to 1em, and the body to 87.5%.Then I set text I want to be  
> smaller to .9em here and there.
> This is the second time that a client has complained that the font  
> looks abnormally big in IE. Though I've looked at many versions of IE  
> via browsercam, and I cannot replicate the problem.
> I've asked her to confirm that her font size is set on medium, and  
> she also says that all other sites look normal. So did the first  
> person I had this issue with. Any ideas?
> Oh, the site in question is
> Thanks!
> Jade True
This is not an answer to your question. It is simply an observation-- 
nothing more, nothing less. Put IE in 'accessibility mode.' Check only 
the box that reads: 'ignore font sizes specified' (or something like 
that).View your page at all five text-settings. Regardless of the fact 
that the content column may be under the navigation bar(except at 
text-size 'smallest'), compare the font-sizes on your page (at all five 
settings) with a site whose fonts are known to be set at default (at all 
five settings).
I'm not sure what, if anything, this has to do with CSS. But it sure 
beats boredom at 2a.
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