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Em fonts, Large in some people's IE??

Sent by Jade True on 17 March 2006 05:05

OK, this is the second time I've come across this.

I've been trying to use the em method of size font instead of px's. I  
set the p to 1em, and the body to 87.5%.Then I set text I want to be  
smaller to .9em here and there.

This is the second time that a client has complained that the font  
looks abnormally big in IE. Though I've looked at many versions of IE  
via browsercam, and I cannot replicate the problem.

I've asked her to confirm that her font size is set on medium, and  
she also says that all other sites look normal. So did the first  
person I had this issue with. Any ideas?

Oh, the site in question is

Jade True
"I live in my own little world...but that's OK, they like me here!"	

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