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site check: bayone tech article page(s) in IE6/WINNT or 2K

Sent by Peter Hyde-Smith on 17 March 2006 01:01

> Peter Hyde-Smith wrote:
>> Appreciate feedback, especially for IE6/WINNT or 2K
>> And some brave soul to load the first on a 56K dial up, as it's ~400K 
>> worth
>> of text and thumbnail images, and let me know how long it really takes.

Zoe wrote-
> I'm on WinXP, but I don't see any problems on IE6 here.
> BTW, you can simulate slow modems with this tool:
> Zoe

>francky wrote-
Don't have WinNT or 2K. - The online speed rapport of tells: 81.48 seconds loading time on a 56kbps
modem ...See over here 
But there is light in the tunnel:
1. The images can be lossless compressed, see testpage over here
2. Then combining the images, and putting them as background-images on
the page (with different background-positions) can save some
http-requests and gets rid of empty spaces in the tcp/ip-packets coming
down: also contributions to speed 'm up.
3. In the (normally spoken) visited page just before this one, you can
preload (a part of) the images by placing them just before the end of
the </body>, as hidden images (a <div> with {margin-left: -9999px}).

>david wrote-
Put the nav under the header images with lead (margin) under so it's not
to tight to first heading. Ditch the double rule border on it. Set the
the color for the links to the blue you've used elsewhere instead of
gold, and use black on hover-- not red.

Thanks for taking a look and for your assistance. The pages are finished (as 
finished for a meddler as it gets). I have some accessability issues to deal 
with, namely offering an option for text only pages. I recompressed the 
images and got the tech article down to ~170K from ~400K! Thanks also to 
Georg for insightful answers to my questions regarding links. And special 
thanks to David Laakso for the color scheme. I think its ace, as does she 
who must be obeyed. Initial feedback from those up the food chain at work is 
very positive. Any mistakes or anything  that looks naff is my fault alone.


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