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Using DIV's is a PROBLEM

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 16 March 2006 22:10

> Hmm. There isn't the layout what i am doing.
> Logo
> Menu
> Content
> Footer
> one on top of the others. I don't know is this the only layout what
> can't do with divs.

As far as I can see your problem is not the layout but wanting the
footer to be fixed to the bottom of the viewport regardless of
content. That has been discussed here a lot and there are some
solutions for this, one of which is in the ALA article mentioned

Just don't make the mistake of approaching CSS layouts as "the new
table layouts". The main idea about using CSS is that you don't stay
as rigid in your design as you did with tables. CSS can do much more,
and its purpose is to style content, not to provide a rigid harness to
force content into a fixed size environment or replace content.

I ranted about this earlier:

Comparing Table layouts and CSS layouts is a bit like comparing a car
and public transport. Both get you from A to B and both have their
advantages and disadvantages. What they have in common is that they
help you achieving a task - in one case travel, in the other style

Chris Heilmann
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