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Reordering top of page elements without altering structure

Sent by David Pratt on 16 March 2006 20:08

cj wrote:
> i asked a question very similar to this a few months ago, and thierry
> came up with a nice article about it.

Hi cj! This is a very nice article indeed and very close to the issue at 
hand. The difference between what I am seeking may go a bit beyond this 
since the elements I am concerned with are all generally header elements 
and I am concerned with up and down floating/reordering more than side 
to side.

In the article, header is always at the top. Let me explain a bit 
further the elements I am concerned with:

dashboard - user controls like login, preferences etc.
masthead - logo / branding
navigation - horizontal list in some configuration
search - horizonta search area

<div id="container">
    <div id="dashboard"></div>
    <div id="masthead"></div>
    <div id="navigation"></div>
    <div id="search"></div>
    <div id="content"><div>
    <div id="footer"></div>

So lets say I wish to display a page in this order:

navigation, masthead, dashboard, search

In this instance, I need to get the navigation content to display above 
the other divs at top of the page. This is where I need additional 
guidance. I am fairly used to seeing side to side floats but have not 
encountered examples of floating top to bottom to exemplify this type of 
reordering. I guess this is what I am hoping to see demonstrated by 
someone or some pointers.

Many thanks

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