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Using DIV's is a PROBLEM

Sent by Trash on 16 March 2006 18:06

Hi again
I miss using tables too much. The structure of layout what i want to 
make is this:

Logo (fixed width & height)
Menu  (fixed width & height)
Content (fixed width, 100percent height)
Footer (fixed width & height)

So. When there arent't much content. Footer stays still bottom of 
browser. And when content reaches footer. It pushes it down. I made 
little changes to page. Shadows aren't anymore on own divs. I made 
background where is border shadows. Now when page is streching, 
background won't come along with layout. AND i moved divs to right 
position using css position relative, left 16px. Mozilla / Opera is 
showing it right. But IE is showing it again wrong. Damn this is hard to 
learn and do things right.

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