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Sidebar being pushed down in IE6

Sent by Julie Harpring on 16 March 2006 17:05

> Julie wrote: sidebar being pushed down at "large" or "largest" text setting on

On 3/15/06, Georg  wrote: A couple of solutions...Adding a permanent
 #sidebar {overflow-x: hidden;} Be aware of negative side-effects by
hiding "too much".
> Adding... ­ There are of course other versions, and ways, to force line-breaks *only* when

Julie replies:
Thanks so much for the advice, everyone! In the end, I added a space
after the slash in Financial/Funding, and it fixed things up. Adding a
  still caused the problem, but a regular space in the code
seemed to do the trick. I'll keep the &#173 in mind (for very special
occasions, of course) if I need something to break up one word on
another page.

In terms of why the sidebar push-down was occuring on all of our pages
for only some of our PCs running IE6 for WindowsXP, this is a question
for the ages. It was fixed, as I said, by the negative 3px margins
suggested by Ingo, but I still don't understand the variation between
PCs using the exact same version of IE6. The word "voodoo" does sound

Thanks again!
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