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Printing from IE6

Sent by Tom Livingston on 16 March 2006 16:04

Hello listers,

Long time no "see"...

I am working on our Intranet and have found a problem when printing
pages out of IE6. Text is getting cut off at the margins. By this I
mean that the text is not being forced inside the margins, but getting
cropped. I see half of lines of text, lines are just not carrying over
to subsequent pages. I have a print style, but can't track the problem

Are there common things that freak IE6 out when printing or using
print styles? Do you have a resource or 2 I can check out? As I said,
it is our Intranet so I can't give out a link. If needed I can make a
test page for you all.

TIA, and any help would be appreciated.


Tom Livingston
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