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persistent horizontal scroll bar and title refusing to wrap

Sent by Michael on 16 March 2006 16:04

I am dragging myself, kicking and screaming into the world of CSS.  I  
have an extensive site and plan on converting the overall look and  
discarding the pervasive tables that I know so well.

Here is a generic page and two CSS, one for layout (columns) and one  
for text appearance.  I eventually plan on using the style sheets and  
the html as a template for all my pages.  There are further notes to  
myself on the actual page:

The columns come from Holy Grail by Matthew Levine (A List Apart).  I  
am currently wrestling with the header with its picture and title.  I  
found the side-by-side used in the header at CommunityMX by John and  

Immediate problems, with one and two seeming to be connected:

1.  Using IE(Mac), there is a persistent horizontal scroll bar.  I  
was able to rid myself of the problem using the hidden -15px margin  
fix but the problem came back when I added the picture in the  
header.  I like the current behavior where the picture moves with the  
right nav until it gets to a certain point and then stops, correctly  
eliciting the horizontal scroll but IE has the horizontal scroll all  
the time.

2.  The title refuses to wrap or if it does, it appears to be  
following a hidden border.  I currently use auto for the right  
(image) element and auto for the left text.  Retaining auto for the  
right and using a percentage for the left (can I mix my metaphors?)  
does allow the text to wrap but not correctly.  The image width will  
change.  I suspect I need another div but where?

3.  Eventually I might like to reliably collapse the right nav  
vertically.  The sample I am using here is the largest in my site.   
Sizing text in the context of the Holy Grail layout still confuses  
me.  Perhaps another column layout methodology might serve better?   
My drop arrows are ten by ten gifs but they seem to rise above the  
text even though the text is larger.

thanks for help and suggestions,


PS and off topic:  I am using GoLive.  It surrounds components with  
<csobj csref=...  /> and this gives the validators fits.  Is there a  
way to keep the GoLive component containers and comment out the  
offending csref?

Michael Sands
1652 Kennewick Drive
Sunnyvale, CA  94087

+1 408-773-1170

The Sands Mechanical Museum

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