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IE6 Alsett not working on one page

Sent by [EMAIL-REMOVED] on 16 March 2006 11:11

Hi all,I have nearly finished a re-design of my firms website but have hit a snag with one page. The
content is wrapped in  and this has a background colour. I have used the Alsett clearing method on
all the other pages to push the div down to enclose floated images.However, I have just written the
'contacts' page for the site which is very long. Each contact is wrapped in an individual  which are
seperated and cleared (they have a flag image in them floated left) using a clearing div (not the
best way I know but It was the only way I got it to work).For some reason in IE6 on windows, the
content div does not extend down the page to contain the contacts. It stops about 1/3 of the way
down. This doesn't happen in FF on windows.I'm unsure as to what bug I'm looking at here! I have
read that it might be something to do with the page height. The only difference between the other
pages of the site and the contact page is that the contact page is much larger/longer.Many
thanks,Hugh, UK
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