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Opera, negative margins, positioning and z-indexes problem

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 16 March 2006 05:05

James Smith wrote:

> Hi Georg, I have just found an "old" machine to test with Win2K-pro -
>  again it works fine in Firefox for me - no overlapping of images, 
> and dropdowns work fine, so I'm still not sure why this is happening
>  for you... I changed the min-font height to 14 and naturally it 
> looked a bit weird but the dropdowns still worked ok and no overlaps.

I reloaded a couple of times in my win2K browsers, and got the same
results as shown by screenshots linked to earlier. Have no idea why.

I always test my work up to at least 'minimum font size = 28px' (only
24px in Firefox), and although things may look a bit "weird" and out of
proportions, the layouts should hold reasonably well and pages stay
reasonably user-friendly.
I most often design with such options in mind, regardless of whether
anyone need them or not. Unused browser-options don't hurt any design.

> Thanks for pointing out the problems with user-resized text - I will 
> look to changing all the sizes from px to something else... would ems
> be ok?

A 'html {font-size: 100%}' as base in order to avoid triggering the 'em
font-resizing bug'[1] in IE/win and the worst "blowouts"[2] in Firefox
and Opera, and then 'em' and/or '%' further in if you want to size it
down (as you probably will :-) ).

Note that 'user-resized text' should *not* be seen as "a problem".
Making sure users can set their own surfing-tools as they want and need,
should be seen as an important service, and be provided by all web

> As for the Opera overlapping problem - 8.53 seems to be the most 
> recent version, but it seems to look ok in 9, So (given that less 
> than 0.5% of my hits are from Opera users, sorry you 4!... I will 
> leave it as is.)

I tend to agree, since all versions of Opera 8 are 'pretty weak'[3], but
things are 'looking good so far'[4] for Opera 9. All according to my
'chief inspector' who doesn't care about site-statistics ;-)


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