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Border patrol

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 16 March 2006 05:05

>> [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:
>>> I have a test page at\myindex.html
>>> The css is at\mywestciv.css
>>> [...]
>> Hi Dennis,
>> Border patrol? Perhaps first some *Server Patrol*: both links aren't
>> working at this moment...
>> francky
> I just tried and it worked in Opera
> and FireFox. I also tried and it
> opened up in Notepad.
> Thanks
>> ______________________________________________________________________
I think maybe your page may have been more complex than necessary.
No absolute positioning was required. Many of the id's and related 
divisions where deleted in favor of lists. There was an IE width 
problem, and markup issues. This /may/ provide a simple structure on 
which to build. You may need to be less timid. Amazing grace is boundless...
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