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Border patrol

Sent by francky on 15 March 2006 23:11

francky wrote:

> Yes, I can see them now! Should have been a short tmp-down of the 
> server or a provider-dip on my side or something...

Nope: when I refreshed the not-working link I discovered the reason 
(still did not work!): a backslash-typo in the first posted link! ;-) 
Now everybody can go on with

For the header:
I see you made all 3 elements in the header (logo, paragraph and 
calendar) floating, - that is: floating away from the container.
The calendar-div has a width of 25%, that means the img is displaying at 
the left side of that 25% (that is: a bit more to the right, because of 
the marging-left of 15px you gave it). But giving more left margin will 
not help, as the 25% can be a different amount of pixels due to the 
resolution of the visitor...
I should try something like:

1. - Only float the images, than the text will fill the container and 
push the border downwards.
2. - In the html: first write the both floating-div's, then the paragraph.
3. - You can give the images the width of the images itself,
and give the paragraph a margin-left and a margin-right of 25%; that 
will prohibit the text going under the images.

The services-css is missing one zero in the border-color #00000, 
therefore the border is not displaying.

The address is crossing the nav-menu, and the main-content with the 
services-box is making me (and the browsers) a bit confused: I guess 
because of the positioning with {position: absolute} and {position: 
relative}. I think a better start is to float the menu-column (then the 
address can be put right under the nav without positioning other than 
with a margin-top), and to glue the content-box aside with a margin-left 
of the some more than the width of the menu-column.
Then the styling of the ingredients inside the content-box will be 
easier, as you can work top-down.

So far,

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