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Sidebar being pushed down in IE6

Sent by Julie Harpring on 15 March 2006 23:11

Ron said:
"I was able to duplicate the erroneous display on this page and with my font size set to
largest in IE. At that size, Academic Research & Info appears to expand
beyond its intended boundaries, probably causing the drop. ... If
someone else could peek at the navbar css, I'm sure the answer lies
there. Probably something needs a declared
width that it isn't getting?"

Julie replies:
Oh, yes, I see now that the text-enlargement problem still exists on and . Thank you, Ron.
Is it possible that it also might have something to do with the
sidebar text below the search form? I'm at a loss.

Once again, if someone has time, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

And thanks to ~davidLaakso for the clarification about the importance
of background color and text size. I'm pretty obviously new to this,
so I appreciate your kindness at my misunderstanding.

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