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Sidebar being pushed down in IE6

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 15 March 2006 23:11

Julie Harpring wrote:
> Ingo wrote:
> "Maybe giving the columns a little more room to breathe with a
> negative 3px margin could be of help."
> Bless you, Ingo! I was seconds away from a meltdown when I saw your
> message. Adding the negative 3px worked perfectly. And I'll keep the
> other tips in mind, too.
> Thanks so much,
> Julie
> P.S. My next project is to validate all of our pages and work on
> better browser compatibility (esp. with Opera for Linux),
There was no specific Opera for Linux problem. It is rather that you've 
got black text on a black background. Black on black is tough to read 
for those among us (like myself on some browsers), who for whatever 
reason, surf with images disabled.
body { background: #000 
url(; color: #000; }
Changing the background color on the body to #FFF should fix it. And 
bringing the content p up to default will make it easier for the senior 
faculty, and some students whose vision may not be as sharp as yours, to 
read the content at 1280 and up. I regret I did not make this clear when 
I wrote off-list.
>  the need for
> which ~davidLaakso pointed out. - Thanks.
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