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IE 6.0 Crashes browser on text resize

Sent by Ben Logan on 15 March 2006 21:09

Hi follks


I am not sure if this is a common problem or not, I have tried Googling it
but with limited success!


I have the following page which displays fine in Firefox 1.5 (I have opted
to develop in Firefox first then address the majority of IE issues using a
series of conditional comments and separate style sheets.)


I have tested this on Win XP service pack 1 and 2 and I get the same issues
in IE 6.0


If you change the text size using the built in IE menu to a value such as
smaller then back up to large the entire browser crashes!


I have seen this happen once before but this was on a style sheet switcher.

There is no JavaScript in the page it is valid html and CSS?


Can anyone offer up any advice on this?


I would be eternally grateful!


Link to page:



Link to CSS:


Link to IE 6.0 CSS:



There are a few other glitches in the page such as the bottom curves on the
right hand boxes.




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