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Sidebar being pushed down in IE6

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 15 March 2006 21:09

Ingo wrote:

Julie Harpring wrote:
> > I would greatly appreciate any help with the the problem below.


> > Here's the URL:
> > 
> > On a few computers using IE6 in our office, though, the 
> sidebar is pushed
> > down (still floated to the left, though) below the main 
> content. 

> I cannot reproduce it here.
> Maybe giving the columns a little more room to breathe with a 
> negative 
> 3px margin could be of help.
> If nothing helps, I'd look into this section between the columns:
>    <p>&nbsp;</p>
>    </div><!-- Belongs ... -->
>    <!-- ::::::::::::::::: Right ... -->
>    <div id="sidebar">
>    <!--The class "quicklinks" is set to {display: none;} ... -->
>    <h2 class="quicklinks">Grad School Quick Links</h2>
>    <!-- Unscrunching ... -->
> This can cause duplicated content, freezes or other problems:
> - tight float setting
> - two adjacent html comments
> - display:none elements with or without adjacent comments
> and you have all of them.
> Sounds like voodoo, but I wouldn't be that surprised if IE would 
> duplicate the &nbsp; between the floats. Removing all 
> comments and the 
> display:none element could be a try.
> I hope others will see more.
> Ingo

Ingo is right, your left column nav menu needs some breathing room. I
was able to duplicate the erroneous display on this page and with my font size set to
largest in IE. At that size, Academic Research & Info appears to expand
beyond its intended boundaries, probably causing the drop.

Firefox wraps the text when it gets larger, but IE doesn't appear to do
that for whatever reason. If someone else could peek at the navbar css,
I'm sure the answer lies there. Probably something needs a declared
width that it isn't getting?

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