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Sidebar being pushed down in IE6

Sent by Ingo Chao on 15 March 2006 21:09

Julie Harpring wrote:
> I would greatly appreciate any help with the the problem below.
> We just switched our main site pages to XHTML and CSS, but now we have
> realized a problem that occurs only on SOME computers using IE6. In Firefox,
> Safari, and IE6 on my computer, the sidebar to the left of the main content,
> which includes a navigation menu (Prospective Students | MU International
> Center | etc.), search bar, and text (sometimes), lines up horizontally with
> the main content, right underneath the gray horizontal menu (Graduate School
> Home | Contact Us | etc.).
> Here's the URL:
> On a few computers using IE6 in our office, though, the sidebar is pushed
> down (still floated to the left, though) below the main content. This also
> happens on my computer in IE6, on only some of our pages, when I increase or
> decrease the text size (via the browser option) from the default. We are
> completely stumped on this one. Any ideas? Thanks very much for your time.

I cannot reproduce it here.

Maybe giving the columns a little more room to breathe with a negative 
3px margin could be of help.

If nothing helps, I'd look into this section between the columns:


   </div><!-- Belongs ... -->

   <!-- ::::::::::::::::: Right ... -->
   <div id="sidebar">

   <!--The class "quicklinks" is set to {display: none;} ... -->
   <h2 class="quicklinks">Grad School Quick Links</h2>
   <!-- Unscrunching ... -->

This can cause duplicated content, freezes or other problems:
- tight float setting
- two adjacent html comments
- display:none elements with or without adjacent comments

and you have all of them.

Sounds like voodoo, but I wouldn't be that surprised if IE would 
duplicate the &nbsp; between the floats. Removing all comments and the 
display:none element could be a try.

I hope others will see more.


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