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Nav Problem

Sent by Les Mizzell on 15 March 2006 21:09

Maybe I've just been awake too many hours, but I can't find this....

Look at the nav. It's not that compliated and works perfect in I.E., but 
in Netscape and Firefox, there's problems selecting the last two links.

It's just a list:

<div id="navlist">
   <li id="navHOME"><a href="index.cfm">Home</a></li>
   <li id="navABOUT"><a href="about.cfm">About Us</a></li>
   <li id="navGALLERY"><a href="gallery.cfm">Gallery</a></li>
   <li id="navPRODUCTS"><a href="products.cfm">Products</a></li>
   <li id="navCONTACT"><a href="contact.cfm">Contact Us</a></li>

CSS is here:

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